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These Cheeky Orchids Look Exactly Like Monkeys And We Need Them ASAP


These Cheeky Orchids Look Exactly Like Monkeys And We Need Them ASAP

Nature is amazing and humorous sometimes.

A species of orchid that is native to Southeastern Ecuador and Peru will definitely steal your attention even if you are not a nature freak. That’s because these orchids genuinely look like monkeys, and some of them may even look like they’re laughing or sneering at you.

They are commonly found in tropical highland forests in Southeastern Ecuador. Check out the amazing things nature offer to us!

Introducing, ‘Dracula simia’ or more commonly known as monkey orchids. Not to be mistaken from ‘Orchis simia’ which has the same name for a different reason.


Its name is also directly translated as ‘little dragon monkey’ and rightly so. Unless you don’t know what a monkey looks like, it’s very likely that you can see the resemblance.


These plants can be found thriving from 2,000 meters high, which means it’ll be quite a hike up to find them.


Several flowers bloom from the inflorescence and you can find them blooming year-round.


Amazing, aren’t these cheeky little flowers?

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Another fun fact you’ll love would be that they emit very fragrant smell likened to a ripe orange.


They also come in 110 varieties, so you will actually see so many different faces in this species.


The species was found by Carlyle A. Lueren in 1978.


These orchids are actually more specifically referred to as monkey-like Dracula. Which might make you wonder why.


Dracula is the genus of the plant which refers to the long, fang-like extensions of their petals. It also translates as ‘little dragon’ and is a reference to Count Dracula.


Want to care for one? Plant this in a plastic mesh basket.


Since orchids are epiphytic, they rely on air and water that cross paths with them to live. So, be sure to water them frequently.


They also love to live under the shadow with an even cool temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius.


They can look annoying at times, but still, nature is amazing!

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