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This Beach Chair Has A Hole For Your Face So You Can Read A Book Or Watch Netflix


This Beach Chair Has A Hole For Your Face So You Can Read A Book Or Watch Netflix

It costs almost £70, Shipping fees included.

Summertime is here and living it can be quite easy for you. Except for when you try to hold a book at the beach and can’t just figure how to place it. When placed around the arms or chest, it becomes increasingly weakened. Yes, it is, Until Now.

After thorough research online, we at Waterballoon discovered what is called The Ostrich Lounge Chaise. It’s specifically a beach chair that has a hole for your face to fit in while reading a book or watching a movie on the beach.

Lying on your stomach, you can read a book and scroll through your Instagram feed. As a takeaway, these chairs can also fold up in order for you to take it away after getting some quality reading/movie time.

Available on Amazon, the Ostrich Lounge Chaise comes in different options and they equally have fun n’ flirty summer colors and designs.

Wonder why someone somewhere has never thought of this idea before now? Sold for $48.49, you can find yourself at the beach, binge-watching Netflix movies in an Ostrich Lounge Chaise. Movies and Beach, Dude!!

Accordingly, the Lounge Chaise, which is reminiscent of a massage table to including gaps to place your arms, costs UK Shoppers almost £70 (Shipping fees included).

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be a book lover to decide on a design. Rather, you can just have a comfortable sleep instead of waking up with a sandy body and face.

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