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This Puppy Sleeps Like As If It Was ‘Turned Off’ And It Looks Ludicrously Cute


This Puppy Sleeps Like As If It Was ‘Turned Off’ And It Looks Ludicrously Cute

Meet Paningning.

Shi Tzu Puppy, Paningning, is currently one among the best adorable canines that have stolen the heart of the internet, with his hilarious sleeping position.

The owner, Janess Cua had shared Paningning photos to a Facebook group known as Dog Lovers Philippines.

Showing how her puppy sleeps on her back in a human-like position, the pictures went viral across many platforms.

Currently, Paningning which most times expose his belly now have over 55.5k followers on her official Instagram page.

“A successful Instagram account was created by one of her adoring fans, “Later on, he turned over that page to me so that I can continue to post pictures and videos of Paningning.

“Sleeping is only one of Paningning’s hobbies “she loves to eat and sleep.” While in her photos she may appear to be just a good-natured and sweet puppy, her owner admits, like many puppies, “most of the time she’s very naughty.” Cua revealed.

Cua also described Paningning as a very playful dog that enjoys romping around. “That is her sleeping position since birth because it’s the way she feels most comfortable,” Cua added.

Accordingly, Cua equally noted that Paningning never sleeps any other way. “For me, she’s just a normal puppy that loves to sleep on her back.”

Nevertheless, Paningning is the youngest of a litter born to Cua’s dog Baobei. Now three months old, she is the only tri-colored of her siblings.

Originally her owners named her ‘Maningning’, which translated to bright in Filipino, because of her distinct coloring.

But her daughter wanted her name to start with ‘P’ so it became Paningning.

From our observation, it is however evident that the amazing photos of Paningning have not only created a fan base but also an unending love for Dogs.

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