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Twitch Disables New Accounts From Live Streaming After Illegal Content Attack


Twitch Disables New Accounts From Live Streaming After Illegal Content Attack

Safety remains top priority.

Following the flooded section of illegal content, hateful imagery and pornography, Twitch has disallowed new accounts on its platform from live streaming. The decision which came as Twitch tried to stop creators from abusing its system, announced it was attacked by trolls. The streaming service has been floated with illegal video and copyrighted content in its Artifact category.

Disclosed via a statement made available on Twitter, Twitch explained that the safety of their community remains their top priority, adding that they are doing everything to restore all access as quickly as possible.  While the Artifact category was bridged few days, the statement also acknowledged that they are aware of the number of accounts targeting their Artifact game directory.

Reportedly, the statement said trolls were using the category to share content that virtually violates the company’s terms of service. However, Artifact, a card game developed was recently tagged the least popular on Twitch. The game community users have been dunked on its  failures for months now – before and even after valve announced it was redesigning it in late March.

That being said, Twitch preventing new users from streaming depicts how serious the company is, having dealt with people abusing its platform to spread Game of Thrones episodes pirated contents among others.  While Twitch support team claims they are currently working to remove the content, it however didn’t disclose when the disabled accounts will be back to stream again.

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