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Why Uniform Subscriber Is Bad: Fans Rages To Save Social Blade


Why Uniform Subscriber Is Bad: Fans Rages To Save Social Blade

The analytics site – a physique of importance.

Following the recent announcement made by YouTube to introduce a major change in the way subscribers count on its platform are displayed, many creators and fans on Twitter has started tweeting in against with the hashtag #SaveSocialBlade. Trending across the United States, the rage via different platforms most especially on Twitter was used as a way to indicate how important Social Blade has always been.

Who’s Social Blade?

To many outside the YouTube World, Social Blade is recognized as an analytic website that assists in tracking subscriber growth and losses. The analytical company has overtime become a crucial component to becoming a YouTube creator, providing figures to prove why earners and other creators matters as a community. Social Blade real time subscriber count has become the face of success – its counts is regarded as the most aesthetically satisfying.

Milestone Current & Past

Many YouTube earners and creators have relied on incorporated Social Blade. Remarkably, the T-Series meteoric rise was first noticed by Social Blade, the Beauty Guru Tati Westbrook’s had also fought with James Charles – Makeup Superstar with Social Blade counts. And a Jimmy Fallon host show few days back celebrated 20 million subscribers using a live Social Blade Counter. It’s been really amusing though.

Fans Reaction Over Social Blade

Unfortunately, Social Blade time might be up. Earlier, Social Blade had in a Tweet revealed that the new development “might affect their data display, but only time will tell” adding that it had reached out to YouTube for explanation.

While the change will affect third party sites that use YouTube’s API to provide data, dozens of YouTube channels dedicated to subscriber battle such as PewDiePie and T-Series will no longer function as a result of non-availability of Social Blade data counter. The company, which was however the first to quantify YouTube popularity with understandable data will be put to death comes August 2019.

Any Update – Social Blade to YouTube?

Social Blade had reach out to YouTube for an explanation, the analytical company and its teams reportedly disclosed that they don’t know if the hashtag trending online would change anything for their website, but regardless, they are very much hopeful.

Who’s Next?

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are also thinking of toiling same line of action. Instagram is considering a feature that would disable how many likes an Instagram photo receives. While Twitter is experimenting with playing down features like retweets.

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