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With Google Ban, Restriction on SD, microSD cards, Should You Still Buy Huawei?

The continuous effect of the United State ban on the Chinese Hardware company – Huawei continue to escalate even beyond the unimaginable. Following the events that had earlier happened this week, Huawei has equally been restricted from being part of the SD Association.

Regarded as a group that decides upon standardized specifications for SD and microSD card, Huawei is not further allowed to put microSD card support in any smartphones and laptops produced from today. Already existing Huawei products is however not affected.

Confirming this to Android Authority, Members of the association revealed that the decision was as a result of President Trump’s executive order, thus making it another big plagued to the Chinese company. However, the association is by no means the first company or association to have cut ties with Huawei.

Recent Cut Ties

Reportedly, Google, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Wi-Fi alliance and ARM are among the companies that have officially cut ties with the Chinese company as a result of the ban. Voluntarily, Huawei had stopped transactions with JEDEC, a semi-conductor standard association known for describing specifications for Random Access Memory. All of these might disrupts Huawei ability to produce competitive products as well as compete in international market.

What’s Huawei’s Plan?

Being restricted from using SD cards and microSD cards might not however be a challenge for Huawei. The Chinese company currently own a proprietary Nano Memory Cards and this is one among the many reasons why you should still buy Huawei’s products – they are fully ready for any hurdle. The Nano Memory Cards are physically smaller than the normal microSD and have been planned for newer devices in the future.

Retailers are not buying Huawei’s phones and even the second-hand shops are no longer taking them in, yet the Chinese company has disclosed that its OS will be ready for full operation by the fourth quarter of 2019, and will equally be rolled out to other countries by first or second quarter of 2020. Implying that we might get to see this happen between October or November.

The New OS                   

Expectedly, the new Huawei’s OS will work with all devices, ranging from computers to cars and smartphones. With the Chinese company being among the frontiers for 5G and Artificial intelligence, it won’t be surprising to see them develop an ultimate kind of software that can control the world at large. Their product is however still very much worth the purchase.


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