Woman Falls In Love With The Same Guy Even After Losing Her Memory

True love is really hard to find but some person is obviously blessed with it. And this’s the case of Jessica Sharman and Boyfriend Rich Bishop. Jessica Sharman has indeed proven that True Love exists.

A few months back, Jessica, aged 20 had lost her memory due to seizure attack, and as nature would have its way, the girl fell in love with the same guy even after losing her memory. 


Yes, quite unbelievable! But Jessica Sharman and Rich Bishop is a true life story and you got to believe it.

Jessica, in 2010 had been diagnosed with frontal lobe epilepsy after which she had to also suffer seizure attack when traveling office with Rich Bishop who happens to be her Boyfriend.


The health disorder occurred within the seven months of their relationship and Rich hurriedly took steps and assisted Jessica, nevertheless, she suffered a memory loss.

Jessica at a point forgot everyone and couldn’t even remember her parents and siblings and even Rich Bishop.


Her parent, Lisa, 49 and Gary, 56 – a retail worker and an electrician had broken down in tears when their daughter- Jessica declared she didn’t recognize them.


Speaking of her experience, Jessica explained that she felt terrified and initially had no idea who anyone was, adding that she had been scared as every person around her seems to a stranger.


While she couldn’t remember her name as well, all Jessica could remember was the train she had boarded before the incident.


Although, she didn’t recognize her boyfriend, either, but fell in love with him again. Well! This is true love.

Easton Hughes

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