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Woman Lets Her Husband Pick Her Outfits For A Week And It’s Hilariously Crazy


Woman Lets Her Husband Pick Her Outfits For A Week And It’s Hilariously Crazy

‘Old bag makes my wife look old’.

Women definitely understand the unusual feeling of trying to find an appropriate outfit for an occasion and still can’t despite owing thousands of wears.

Severally complaining of nothing to wear, mostly because women can’t make up their minds on which dress is perfect for the day, one woman indeed was confusing of what to wear for an occasion but the husband did come to her rescue.

Colin has however been tasked with creating and selecting an outfit for his wife Caitlyn for about a week. And now Colin has learned of so much that was hidden in the darkest corners of her wardrobe. Equally, Caitlyn has also learnt interesting things about her husband.


After a thorough scan, Colin was able to pull out a white dress and green patterns for his wife. Caitlyn was going to have a business meeting with her partners and Colin stated ‘”everything’s covered, no one will stare, and it creates a spring mood.’ Caitlyn, however, got complimented.


On the second day, Caitlyn suspected that her husband would want to make her look like the sun. He also secretly liked the bag with houses imprinted on. According to Colin, her old bag made wife look old.


On the third day, an anniversary came up and the two couple decided to celebrate it with a romantic dinner.  They both arranged for a home-based dinner. Colin chose a skimpy black dress for Caitlyn.


Caitlyn hasn’t worn this red gown for a very long time – Indeed she has forgotten about it. Although, she never loved red, yet Colin loved it on her.


On this day, Colin chose something entirely different from what she will have envisaged. Colin went for a jumpsuit – an outfit she often wore for picnics.


This day was a family walk day and Colin brought out his fashionista idea. His thought went wild and even threw his own jackets, acknowledging she looks cute.


There was really no plan for Sunday, yet Colin wanted his wife to look elegant. He chose a black dress and she adores it.

Caitlyn was overwhelmed by how he was responsible for each day’s task. Every morning he chose her outfit and that would simply make her smile.

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