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Wife Thought Her Husband Is Building a Bed Frame For Them. Turns Out It Was For The Cat!


Wife Thought Her Husband Is Building a Bed Frame For Them. Turns Out It Was For The Cat!

Cat people here? We all know what owning a cat feels like and if you don’t, this post will give a quick glimpse of what it’s like. We are willing to go beyond to provide the highest comfort quality for our cat, be it their litter box, their playground or their sleeping bed on this case.

Ollie is a sweet boy who recently joined the Carlson family. And the house still lacks a place for the cat to sleep. Although, needless to say, cats sleep anywhere and anytime they want, even if it’s your working hand that is trying to catch up with deadlines.

Image credits: julcarls

With a cool butterfly necktie on him, Julia was so excited she uploaded this on her Facebook post, telling the story how the family now has a cat.

“Chris always said we’d never get a pet because they’re too much work and commitment. Well, he told me he was going grocery shopping and instead he went out and adopted this guy.”

So, Chris, one day, thought of making a bed frame, which Julia thought was for their new Cali mattress. She was excited at the thought because now they have a bed frame for it. She left him to dabble with wood and came back about an hour later to check the progress. Turns out, Chris was almost done and she could help herself from cracking out so hard.

Turns out this is what Chris has been working on.

He is King of the house. He owns the rest of the house still.
Image credits: julcarls

“Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. I thought it was for our new mattress…. It was for the cat.”, Julia wrote on his post uploaded on Reddit.

Let’s not forget that Chris was super thoughtful about this and even made a nightstand for the cat. Pretty safe to say that the cat was satisfied with the woodwork Chris did. Now, he has a throne to order his hoomans around from.

Image credits: julcarls

Chris himself has been dabbling in woodworking for a couple of years now and the process of making this frame took about an hour. “I had some scrap 2x2s, 1x6s, and 1×2 of select pine for the headboard and frame and some 1/4in plywood for the slats and used pocket holes and wood glue to hold it all together.” , the self-taught craftsman explained.

It wasn’t exactly a prank, but she did misunderstand Chris’ intention and it turned out super hilarious. So, they decided to upload the pictures of his work and the story to Facebook and Reddit.

Image credits: julcarls

The idea of being invested in the sleeping bed of your feline companion is not exactly weird. Cats do spend a majority of their life sleeping and resting, up to 20 hours a day. So, it’d be nice to find them a permanent, comfortable, dedicated bed (instead of the card boxes they tend to prefer!).

The nightstand was just for aesthetics, though. Pretty sure it would turn into something the cat will play around with!

Image credits: julcarls

And, recently, the cat got a new sister, Ahri! Ollie uploaded how he felt about the arrival of a new rival (of food? Of bed space? We never know).

People loved the craftsmanship shown (and the picture of Ollie!)

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