Woman With 52 Guinea Pigs Says She Has ‘Fallen In Love’ With Pets

A Mother with 52 Guinea Pigs has disclosed that she spends about eight hours per day looking after her pets.

Aged 29, Sophie Mason acknowledged she has fallen-in-love with the rodents and confirmed she spends about £250 per month when feeding the creatures.

Sophie Mason from Lincoln has over 52 guinea pigs which she keeps as pets

With husband aged, 44 from Lincoln, she added that giving straight 8 hours in a day to her pets has been a remarkable journey.

Sophie spends about £250 per month when feeding the creatures

To including cutting fresh vegetables, Sophie also cuts up fruits for their meals and wash their towels within the hour.

Sophie admitted the hobby was ‘a bit odd’ but stated she couldn’t help but fall in love with the creatures 

Rather than allowing them to sleep on Sawdust, the mother of one acknowledged that the hobby of staying 8 hours with pets is quite odd, but continued by saying that the animals bring her so much happiness.

Sophie and Mark started off with only six guinea pigs in 2017

Mark and Sophie dedicated their whole rooms in their house to allow the animals to have accessibility

Initially, Sophie and Mark had no plans of having too many creatures and had bought only six far back as 2017. But as they journeyed for their honeymoon, and observing they had all females, they both concluded on getting a male which later mated with the females.

Sophie revealed she has always loved guinea pigs

They have a huge hatch in their garden where many the guinea pigs spend time

Sophie said it is a ‘team effort’ with her husband Mark to look after all of the guinea pigs

She has always loved guinea pigs and her husband Mark ‘promised’ they could have a ‘really big’ herd

Presently, Mark and Sophie have 46 adult guinea pigs and six young babies that are residing at the Mason’s Cavies.

Sophie spends up to eight hours every day hoovering the shed, washing towels, and changing water bottles

Sophie said the animals can take up eight hours of her day 

Sophie says pets bring her ‘so much joy’ 

Speaking, Sophie said: ‘I have always loved guinea pigs and been fascinated by them. It’s a bit unusual but if you enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt anyone, then why not?. They’re lovely little creatures and they make me laugh and smile every day.

The passionate pet lover said she adores the animals

Sophie loves watching her dog Isla play with the guinea pigs in the garden

Admitting she had always been a fan of hairy creature, Sophie explained she had always wanted a big herd and it was something the husband had promised her.


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