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10 Amazing Facts About The Human Brain That You Never Knew Before


10 Amazing Facts About The Human Brain That You Never Knew Before

“when the brain isn’t efficient, even your craziest ideas get an equal chance to become a reality.”

The human brain is more than just a complex interlocking mesh of neurons.  Perhaps a closer definition to the complex and amazing wonder is only discoverable as we dig deeper. As you go on, exploring the mind, you’ll realize it houses an unending cycle of surprises.

Take this for instance; according to science you become more creative when you are tired confusing, right? Well, it’s just one of the facts that attract criticism even form the most simple minded minds, but still remains a fact. If you think that was the best, wait till you discover what other interesting facts the human mind has to offer.

  • More intelligent people, have lesser friends

Science has proven that people higher IQs have fewer friends. Well, the reason is rather intriguing. Since these people already have a lot in their minds, they prefer to handle the serious issues that require their immediate attention than making meaninglessacquaintancess.

However, other studies have associated having meaningful friendships with great mental health. This is why even the geniuses have to get their heads away from the book sometimes.

  • When you are depressed, color perception changes

Well, literally speaking, depression has been found to cause a change in color perception. Perhaps this explains why depressed people are fond of saying “life has lost its color”. In these states, the human retina becomes less sensitive to contrasting colors. The preson therefore, poorly differentiates them. Dull colours have also been found to bring feelings of sadness and melancholy.

  • Bragging about your plans wont really help them

We are often driven to talk about everything we plan to do. If you intend to make it a reality, then don’t tell anyone. This is because whn we communicate our plans, the brain perceives the task as done and consequently, motivations to pursue it will deiminish. Well, it sounds odd but its proven scientifically.

  • Depression is more prevalent among the young

A survey revealed that people under the age of 30 are the most unhappy lot. Women aged 18-30 are the most vlnerable lot to anxiety and stress. Suddenly, youthful doesn’t sound as excting anymore. Does it?

  • If you know a foreign language, it will help you make decisions

This is certainly interesting. In our typical decision making moments, we tend to bring along our emotional side too. This is totally being human. However, using a foreign language while making decisions opens up the rational side of your brain. Your decisions will be more balanced

  • Being tired makes you more creative

All along we blamed tiredness for non accomplishments. Turns out, it may be more beneficial to us.

Obviously, the brain won’t work efficiently as it’s supposed to in a state of exhaustion. This means we are less likely to reject even the craziest of thoughts at this state, aftear ll you are avoiding overthinking about it. Which means that when the brain isn’t efficient, even your craziest ideas get an equal chance to become a reality.

  • 80% of what we converse about is gossip

Well, it’s a fact that a major part of our daily conversations is just meaningless gossip about others. This rule isn’t gender-specific; men and women alike are implicated. The good thing though; you might not leanr anything useful from gossip but they sure help maintain social connections.

  • Money can buy happiness

Contrary to popular belief, money can actually buy happiness but there is s twist. The money shouldn’t however be spent on yourself. When you spend on othein orderder to make them happy, it affects your self-esteeme positively. So we become as happy as them.

  • All it takes are 20 seconds to trust someone

Sciene says that embracing someone for as long as 20 seconds creates feelings of trust. We release the hormone oxytocin everytime we feel safe. This same hormone is released when we hug somneone for as long as 20 secnds. Perhaps this should be a good reason to hug your lovedones ven more.

  • 80% of your thoughts are negative

On average, the human brain habours 12,000 t0 60,000 thoughts everytime. Sounds a lot, right? Well, the punchline is more than 80% of those thoughts are negative and keep circling back into our minds. Sudeenly, the negative silly thoughts feel real now, do they?

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