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18 Cats That Are Just Purrfect And Deserve The Title “Kitten Of The Year”

How are cats so cute and unbelievably alien to themselves? When people go through lengths to design, manufacture, send and spend money on getting them new cat trees, they choose to sleep and live in the box that they come in. When we want to carry them, their body just slumps like liquid that makes us fear if they’ll just ‘slip’ out.

Just look at these kitties and tell me they don’t deserve to be called ‘Kittens of the Year’.

1. Hug me!

goalkitty / Instagram

2. “This cat is not fat,” they said. “He’s just fluffy,” they said.

© Unreachyosoul / reddit

3. Just a random lovely picture of a cat and a peg.

© oh-my-jaeger / tumblr

4. She grows up and the ink becomes clearer.

© ofdoamne / reddit

5. Moth-hunting army.

© PixelRabbit_ / reddit

6. Precious stills of a panicking cat.

7. The way this cat sits makes us feel uncomfortable.

© maddymelton3 / twitter

8. Meanwhile, this cat watches guy behind the fence like this.

© orioncabbar / reddit

9. Sleeping habit of a black cat.

© acenia17 / reddit

10. How to charge meow up.

Raccoon Photo / Flickr

11. Just look at how aesthetic cats can be in a laundry machine.

© boopyouonthenose / reddit

12. A royal cat caught in an embarrassing pose. “We’ve all had those down time,” says catto.

© thejesster46 / reddit

13. Just a friendly greeting.

© the_goldenpony / reddit

14. “OMG, I’m in a ride with my hooman!”

leo_orangtabby / Instagram

15. How does it feel when a cat condescendingly question your legibility as a decent human being with its stare?

© TheDreamGhoul / twitter

16. Yeah, me and my sausage bod did that.

© deLiseON / reddit

17. Cat home alone.

© Ralph_the_Cat / reddit


© CaptHoshito / reddit
Hadley Stewart

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