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23 Genius Kids Whose Exam Answers Were A New Form Of Art


23 Genius Kids Whose Exam Answers Were A New Form Of Art

Your imagination and thought can save a disappointing scenario.

Is Your Popcorn Ready?

We all can relate to the distressing feeling we get when an answer to a question is not known during an exam. Whether you slept a night before or perhaps didn’t even the blink the eyes after reading, such a scenario can be very disappointing.

However, instead of leaving the answer sheet blank, you could use both your imagination and thought do the magic and be a little bit comical.

A happy teacher or an exam invigilator might even end up giving you an additional point for such creativity and for the attempt.

Thus, if you were handicapped and unable to go through a night study, Waterballoon is always here for you. Our compilation of clever, funny answers to exam questions will push your imagination soaring.

1. This kid is going to be OK!

© upvoteHero / imgur  

2. 3 words that best describe me

© Live-From-Lido / reddit  

3. Debatable… But still a good answer.

© unknown / imgur  

4. This kid gets it.

© SteampunkDudelsack / reddit  

5. The teacher could not appreciate the true genius.

© unknown / imgur  

6. The kid outsmarted the examiner.

© unknown / reddit  

7. Frue

© statue1 / reddit  

8. Interstellar fanboys be like…

© oyal-bhati / reddit  

9. Pythagoras just turned over in his grave.

10. Trash talk

© unknown / reddit  

11. Writing words in alphabetical order

© unknown / reddit  

12. Apparently, even 7-year old me was a smartass.

© jknight43 / imgur  

13. My brother in 2nd grade…

© salecea / reddit  

14. Mother of God, it works.

© OnlyInCincinnati / redit  

15. This is why my kid is going places.

© unknown / imgur  

16. This kid is more interested in biology than math.

© TraeF / imgur  

17. The answer is safe now, kid.

© asianbutnoasian / reddit  

18. The million dollar question

© bobocalender / imgur  

19. Seems right to me.

© MartyFreeze / imgur  

20. My 6-year-old got the answer wrong, but I think she’s right…

© unknown / imgur  

21. What would you say to Abraham Lincoln?

© unknown / imgur  

22. My chem lab professor accepted my answer.

© carrottmuncher / reddit  

23. The bear ate the question.

© LittleGiraffe3 / reddit  

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