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30 People Who Had Such A Worst Day, We Can’t Help But Laugh

How bad is your day? We really hope you can answer that with a “bold of you to assume I had a bad day”. Actually, if you had a bad day, we know the right things to make you feel better. That is to show people who had worse days than yours.

Things can really be bad for us to the point that it makes us wonder where we went wrong. And let us have ‘schadenfreude’ (German for basically laughing on others’ misfortune) to allow us into some joy from others’ misfortune which doesn’t necessarily put them in a dangerous situation (at least most of the time), but still.

On the other hand, these cute dogs will also make you feel better as well.

1. The rescued good boy saw a squirrel and drag his owner’s ass (who slipped at the same time) through the mud.


2. Cat lost her access to her litter box because the door was accidentally locked, so she improvised.


3. This musician took two months to reply and this is what he came up with.


4. Coast Guard Demo with kids can involve real rescue.


5. “Went to open my fridge. Definitely thought my hand was connected properly.”


6. Four bovines found a new Montana house to live in for a month.


7. The flight left 2 hours ago (a domestic flight luckily, or maybe not so much).


8. He was ticketed because someone crashed his car.


9. Stuck his head in a hole in a tree to take a look, guess what he found…


10. Valentine’s Day Eve didn’t go as smooth as he wanted.

11. The owner walked into the room finding his tortoise like this.


12. Too large…


13. A frustrated person threw the swatter to the fly and then this.


14. Brand new Roomba went through poop and began its poop flinging mode.


15. Visor down to block the sun.


16. “I Tipped Over A Satellite And It’ll Cost $135 Million To Fix


17. Ford Fiesta (F)Lame


18. About to put this snickers’ bar career to an end.


19. Heavy snow made it unsafe, so the snowplow had to.


20. Huge football fan once bought a soap from a charity and found this three years later.


21. Colorful Megan is not so happy today.


22. Pizza cutter debut performance.


23. Dude ripped his pants – Wife part.


24. So, yeah, that tire cover actually delivers.


25. Man has been using the wrong bathroom because it’s meant for owners to wash their dogs. Including the wet towel, he was about to use.


26. Daughter had always wanted a cat and turns out to be allergic to them.


27. Asked for hair to be edged up. Ends up having everything cut.


28. A storm blew the grill 30 ft away into the pool, but not the plastic chairs.


29. Summer in Siberia (NONONONO)


30. Rockfall on the highway in Colorado rerouted a 20-mile route to 4.5-hour 238-mile journey.


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