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35 Hilarious Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever


35 Hilarious Tombstones By People Whose Sense Of Humor Will Live Forever

Every each one of them will be missed.

Nobody is ready for the death of their loved ones, no matter how much they may have prepared for it. But these tombstone ideas might just do the trick. At least, they help ease the loss one family member feels. A good sense of humor in the right time can definitely set the mood right.

When most people leave the most impactful message from the person who left, not everyone has awesome one-liners like those war veterans. But if they were remembered for their undying sense of humor and jokes that made people laugh to death, why not?

And we all aspire to one day be able to be laid under tombstones that are so lit we remain viral in the virtual world.

1. Here lays ‘A Gay Vietnam Veteran’.


2. Definitely did not need to know that.


3. Dude probably died from arguing about whether or not he’s sick with his family.


4. Man expected to be treated like the Pharaoh.

Gerri Gray

5. Oh, no, don’t remind me of what it feels like!

6. Although you won’t live to tell the tale.


7. Why did you even dress up?

8. You probably meant diabetes, but yeah, that works as well.


9. Fancy.


10. It takes one soul to park.

11. Melvin Jerome Blanc, the man who voiced Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker.


12. John Yeast not rising.

13. Shot, recovered and lived till he was 98.


14. We got the message.

Dormant Braincell Research Project

15. We’ll leave you a message.


16. A staple for every tombstone.


17. John is mad even in death.

Mononc’ Paul

18. It’s not like any of us were consulted to.


19. Is that why she died? Or…?


20. Nuff said.


21. Spanks… loves his wife.

22. We just need to work on how exactly that works on a literal sense.

NC Cigany

23. He really did enjoy his life. Fair enough.

Bill Stephens

24. You don’t say?


25. Did Jesus tell her it’s a one way trip?

26. What exactly should we think of.

Christopher Allen

27. This 16-year-old had the nerve-

28. Someone has a problem with keeping notes on baking.


29. Burger and fries – my kind of funeral.


30. Skidaderones with their Betrojacks and Skiddley Jiddley Gees will miss their Daddy.

Family Tree Magazine

31. Uh.. can’t deny you.

32. Are we sure this isn’t enough to convict her?

Taed Wynnell

33. I’m curious if this one goes up or down, though.

34. Life lesson noted.


35. “Don’t call me Shirley.”

Pat David

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