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Adorable Golden Retrievers Pose For Pictures To Announce They Are Expecting Puppies


Adorable Golden Retrievers Pose For Pictures To Announce They Are Expecting Puppies

Nowadays, Pregnancy isn’t quite the private family moment it once was. In the age of social media, sharing every step of the pregnancy journey has become more and more common.

If heartwarming baby bump photo shoots are anything to go by, then they’re too cute for words coming from dogs.

 When people at the Waterfront Golden Retrievers breeders based in Kentucky found out that their dogs were expecting a new litter, they decided to stage a pregnancy announcement photo shoot.

The parents-to-be, are sweet golden retrievers named Hopper and Zu. They posed together in front of a letter board that read “we’re expecting!”. The post has since garnered more than 50,000 likes from their Twitter fans.

The proud parents welcomed their litter in April, and admittedly, they are the cutest pups you can ever find.

 With the incredible success of their first post, he breeders took things to the next level and posed a gender reveal. They also announced that Hopper and Zu were expecting eight pups.

When the big day came, Zu gave birth to four girls and five boys. Her ninth pup came as a sweet surprise to everyone.

Their awkward family photo was another big hit. From the precious family moments, it was clear that mom and dad don’t joke around when it comes to their puppies.

The puppies are absolutely adorable. Waterfront Golden Retrievers had shared lots of wonderful videos of the playful puppies. At just two weeks, they already had so much personality and social media fans couldn’t have enough of them

At three weeks, the little guys and girls were given names. The breeders made sure to snap tons of photos as the puppies got older.

The little ones got to play around outside when they were around 4 weeks old. They looked so sweet rolling around in the grass!

Their first few weeks of life have been so fun to watch. From the perfect pregnancy announcement to the adorable gender reveal and the precious birth photos, these puppies have had quite an adorable journey which hopefully will extend even to their forever homes.

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