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Agility Dog Competing in Crufts Is Also a Sweet Dog to Her Owner Who Previously Had Brain Tumor

Image: Instagram/@lp_odd_agility

Meet, Lulu, the sweetest, white furry of its kind ever! Lulu was a puppy gifted to a girl named Ella Gibbs after she went through major brain surgery. Lulu is a beautiful white shih-poo who became Ella’s best friend since she was 10.

The family never planned to have a dog as they were all focused on Ella, who then had a brain tumor and was bracing herself to enter the surgery room.

Moments before the surgery, Ella asked for a white puppy and her mother said yes without a problem. The doctor explained that in order to reduce the stress and risks, it’s best to lift up her mood and make her feel happy. She will eventually forget it once the surgery is over, so it shouldn’t be a big deal to say yes to what won’t be remembered any more.

Brave little Ella survived the 13-hour emergency operation to lift up her tumor and is finally awake. Little did they know that Ella was very serious about her puppy. The first thing she managed to put together after the tough surgery was, “Mum, Dad, where’s my white puppy.”

And, a promise is a promise, so her mom, Louise Gibbs, 51, found a white shih-poo for Ella.

Ella Gibbs had to undergo an emergency operation on her brain tumor. Doctor explains that she wouldn’t be able to remember the things that happened moments before her surgery, but she did remember about the puppy.

After the strenuous operation, Ella suddenly had a seizure and it was the longest month ever for her family. Lulu became a distraction that they didn’t know they need. Ella would often think about what to name her new puppy and how life is going to be so fun with a new family member.

Ella’s recovery was Louise’s main concern & if it only takes a white puppy to make her feel happy, she is willing to do it. So, 9 days after the returned to their home at Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, 2 months old Lulu arrived.

But after getting the puppy, Louise knew that the attention soon will go to Lulu.

“She would never be naughty or lick wounds – all the things that a puppy would normally do, Lulu didn’t. The puppy was part of Ella from the word go and even went with her when she ­returned to school.”

Lulu was not only a family, but she was also a talented dog in agility competitions.

Ella lost her peripheral vision after the surgery and seizure but Lulu amazingly remained within her line of vision every time. The dog has been Ella’s best pal and have been an understanding dog for her.

After they first found out that Lulu was a natural through a trial session in a fair, Louise decided to put Lulu through more and more lessons. A year later, both Lulu and Ella are ready to rock one of the world’s biggest international dog show.

The two competed in Crufts 2019 last week!

She didn’t exactly aim to become the first but she certainly wants to do her best. Lulu is just the smartest and most kindhearted dog she could ever ask for and she knew she can do it.

Despite her difficulties with a lack of peripheral vision, Lulu is always the dog that knows what to do. She says, “Lulu will always be calm and in the right place doing the right thing. “

She realizes her dog is always running on her left side or be out of the way to prevent her from accidentally knocking into or stepping on Lulu.

Six years together and going strong.

Dogs have always been human’s best friend and this may just be the best proof of them all.


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