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Anna Gunn Clears Up ‘Breaking Bad’ Rumor After Cryptic Tweets


Anna Gunn Clears Up ‘Breaking Bad’ Rumor After Cryptic Tweets


Just a few days ago, Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston tweeted cryptic tweets at the same time featuring two donkeys and one word: Soon. The coincidence was enough to send several fans on hype and speculations that ‘Breaking Bad’ is finally going to break some news. While the sequel has been confirmed, very little has been made known about the movie.

That was until Anna Gunn clears up the speculations and broke it to us: No, it’s not about Breaking Bad. The tweets were really about donkeys, not drug mules.

“I believe it is a nod to a mezcal tequila that they are bringing out, the two of them, called Dos Hombres. Bryan was going to have a launch party on Cinco de Mayo last month and he promised that there would be donkeys there.

“I got very excited about that and said I’d bring my kids and then [it didn’t happen].”

Breaking Bad series. Credit: AMC

Of course, she apologized for the false alarm of the new movie, although Cranston has admitted that a sequel is happening. And as far as we know, it’s going to center around Paul’s Jesse Pinkman post-kidnapping. It is also going to be made available on Netflix first before AMC.

Skyler (Gunn) and Walter (Cranston). Credit: AMC

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