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The Office Is Leaving Netflix!

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The Office Is Leaving Netflix!

Take a deep breath and read on.

So, it’s not new news for us to hear that several shows are leaving Netflix. Fingers were crossed all the time hoping our lifelong favorite classic comedy shows will stay. While it’s not like Netflix will suddenly lose all their good shows, it’s safe to say they lose access to a show that all loves. Or at least most of us.

You’ve probably panicked after reading this title, but we have to break it down to you: ‘The Office’ (US) is leaving Netflix.

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The good news? (Yes, there is good news out of this ‘sudden’ devastating news for Netflix streamers.)

All nine seasons of ‘The Office’ are staying on Netflix for at least 2 more years, so you have about 700 or so days to binge watch the show. Again and again…and again. The popular show ended in 2003 and was hailed as some of the best workplace comedic shows with much of their iconic scenes remain recognized until today. NBC plans to pull it out on 2021.

What’s actually more concerning right now is that ‘Pretty Little Liars‘ is the one leaving very soon. And when we say soon, we mean next-month-soon. You have very little time left to binge the show and unless you are willing to marathon all seasons, well, let’s just hope you find solace in the fact that Netflix is always uploading new movies and originals every month!

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