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‘The OA’ Is Really Gone, It’s Not Getting Another Season Or Movie Wrap-Up For Real


‘The OA’ Is Really Gone, It’s Not Getting Another Season Or Movie Wrap-Up For Real

It originally spans for at least 5 seasons.

So, Netflix really sucks at listening to their fans. Not that it’s the first time for this to happen.

‘The OA’ was confirmed to be cancelled earlier this month after the second season. Thanks to its cliffhanger ending, everyone is crying out loud for Netflix or any other show to pick it up by using the tag ‘SaveTheOA’. We’ve had flash mobs and even hunger strikes happening.

A source spoke to Variety that there were talks about wrapping up the show in a movie between Netflix and the show creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij. The show, however, was originally planned for five seasons and trying to wrap up three other in a 2-hour movie doesn’t seem sufficient.

While some people wished for the show to be picked up by others, because the show’s producer is Netflix themselves, others can’t scoop it up for the rescue.

Creator Marling who is also part of the cast for the show delivered a good-bye for the show on her Instagram post. The cast of the show has also had their contracts ended. Netflix has declined to comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, a petition started by a Luxembourg teenager has been signed by just slightly below 80,000 with the numbers increasing even as this is written.

It was a weird show, and to have a flash mob ‘dance’ to something dear for the show was probably embarrassing as hell. But it was a show that people loved and enjoy.

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