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What Is The Twists In Netflix ‘I Am Mother’ And ‘Moon’?

For twisty stories concerning the Human Artificial Intelligence, Moon and I Am Mother are two programs to air on Netflix this weekend. With I Am Mother available on Netflix, both are indie science fiction drama you shouldn’t miss.

Moon, which is a 2009 indie science fiction drama, features Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell. He was a contract employee working for an energy company on automated lunar compound.  But as he near the end of a three years rotation, Sam eventually had an accident.

During the process of his recovery, he discovered that all he had been told to believe concerning his mission was a lie. And afraid for his life, Sam had to spend his days on the moon with the assistance of a robot GERTY – this was voiced by Kevin Spacey.

Accordingly, I Am Mother starring Clara Rugaard as a teenager who has spent her whole life inside a bunker also features a robot called Mother – this was voiced by Rose Bryne. 

The machine puts Rugaard through a series of rigorous intellectual and physical assessment to prepare her for the challenge of a new breed of laboratory-created humans who has plans of repopulating a post-apocalyptic planet.  

Things, however, got twisted when an injured unnamed woman played by Hilary Swank brought in new information that might be factual or not. Rugaard since then wondered if what the Robot Mother has been telling her ever since.

From their synopsis and trailers, both drama certainly sounds intriguing and full of suspense, yet technology inclined. Hence, If you are a fan of twisted science and smart science fiction movie, I bet you wouldn’t want to miss both Moon and I Am Mother.

Switch on your devices to stream both drama on Netflix. You certainly will find the fiction dramas quite amazing.

Owen Cooper

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