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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Departing From Netflix Streaming Platform Next Month


‘Pretty Little Liars’ Departing From Netflix Streaming Platform Next Month

Six weeks to binge and 6 days & 16 hours to finish.

Netflix recently announced that another popular show full of lies (and threatening texts) are leaving the platform. ‘Pretty Little Liars’ won’t be streaming Netflix anymore on July 27, which is about 40 days to go if you haven’t finished it.

“7 seasons, 160 episodes, 125 threatening texts, 10 A’s, and too many lies to count. On July 27, we have to say goodbye to Pretty Little Liars on Netflix in the US,” says the tweet on June 16. It also proceeds to add that you have six weeks left to finish the series and a hardcore binge-watching will take 6 days & 16 hours to finish everything in one go.

First season and last season of the ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

The show began its journey back in 2010 and has since been staying on Netflix until way after its last season, the 7th, that reveals the mysterious person behind the identity “A.D.” There’s a possibility that it is going to another streaming platform, although no confirmation has been made, yet.

Some speculated that it’ll go to Disney+ since they own Freeform. But we don’t know yet and even if they do, that would be four months without ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and for those who didn’t manage to finish the series, well, all I can say is may the God be with you and give you the strength to hold on.

Omg, no, we’re not on Netflix anymore?!

Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean Netflix is losing shows. This month, Netflix is adding more content for us. And just maybe after PLL is gone, these new shows can amend for the lack of them.

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