Artist Reimagines Keanu Reeves As All Disney Princes And It Looks Perfect

The 54-Year Old Actor- Keanu Reeves has continually earned himself more reputation as the coolest guy in Hollywood. Having appeared in some famed movies over time till date– from Matrix to John Wick and now Toy Story 4, the actor has proven to be a leading performer in the movie industry.

Shockingly, the lonely dude has also been philanthropically donating his earnings (millions of dollars) for good causes and he equally runs a personal foundation that remains beneficial for cancer research and hospitals.

In all, Reeves is all around a very good guy. So much a near perfect being that even an online petition on wanted him named as the Time Magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year.

And now in a separate scenario, an Artist and A Writer have created illustrations of Keanu Reeves and has portrayed him as Disney prince. They all look perfect in their own unique way.

The artist who works for Buzzfeed has initially wanted to post it to their website but later shared them on her Instagram account. Undoubtedly, they look excellent.

1. Keanu as Prince Charming:

2.Keanu as Prince Phillip:

3.Keanu as Prince Eric:

4.Keanu as Aladdin:

5.Keanu as Prince Charming:

6.Keanu as Prince Naveen:

7.Keanu as Li Shang:

8.Keanu as John Smith:

9. And finally, Keanu as the Beast:


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