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Bad News: George R. R. Martin Won’t Likely Release The Next Volume Next Year


Bad News: George R. R. Martin Won’t Likely Release The Next Volume Next Year

Will he ever finish by his own deadline?

Just a week ago, George R. R. Martin made a vow to attend the World Science Fiction Convention in New Zealand with The Winds of Winter book in his hand. If not, he should be imprisoned in a cabin in White Island with the sulfuric acid lake as his only view until it’s done. We really want to hold on to his words because that means it will be 9 years since the fifth volume, A Dance With Dragons, was released.

But then, we can never be 100% sure that things will go the way we want them to. Even in the promise he holds, there is doubt which was why he wrote it that he should be imprisoned should the book remained unfinished by then.

Just recently, Martin accepted a new project, as the Chief World Builder of Meow Wolf, an entertainment company that focuses on immersive realms audiences can enjoy exploring in.

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Meow Wolf realm

And for over a decade, Martin’s interest has been piqued by the company, “From the very beginning, the Meow Wolf team captured my curiosity.”

“They really sparked my interest and their vision pushed all my buttons – a sci-fi world spanning multiple universes – they delivered something we’ve never seen before. I look forward to continuing to grow the Meow Wolf storyworld for years to come.”

So, guess the sixth volume won’t be here anytime soon. But hey, there is nothing wrong with hoping he still remembers what he said, right?

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