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Battle For The Trophy: Manchester City Or Liverpool FC


Battle For The Trophy: Manchester City Or Liverpool FC

The battle for English Premier League Trophy has been tougher this season as compared to the previous. The last season champion, Manchester City with their stars of players and super reserve hoped for a smooth ride to winning the Premier League title, however,  this hope has been keenly contested by the Liverpool Football Club, who topped the table for quite a long time.

As at January 2019, Liverpool was almost 10 points ahead of Manchester City which would have been a clear opportunity for the Liverpool Club to end her 29 years of premier league trophy drought. However, this opportunity was lost when Manchester City came 1 point ahead of Liverpool.

What’s going on?

The Battle For Trophy..

As today, 12th May marks the last day of the English Premier League for this Season, Liverpool Football Club hopes for a win over Wolver Hampton while praying for a loss or a draw between Manchester City and Brighton. Similarly, Manchester City hopes for a win over Brighton in order to retain their Premier League winner title.

The Unknown?

Whatever happens, in a few hours from now the Premier League  Champion will be decided between Manchester City and Liverpool Football Club.  Nevertheless, Liverpool Club is still hopeful for the UEFA Champion League Title.

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