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Manchester City Shatters Liverpool FC Dreams, Claim Premier League Title 2nd Time In a Row

Following the analysis made on, titled: Battle for the trophy, Liverpool Fc were looking forward to making history by becoming the first English Club to take the Premier League Trophy,  but reverse was the case for the club, as Manchester City is once again the Premier League Champions. 

Your Premier League champions 2018/19

The English club retained the League trophy after beating Brighton 4-1, and equally seeing Liverpool FC match results on the final day of the season which was yesterday, Sunday.

“Winning is so addictive, we won in Spain and in Germany, but that is the toughest one. “This league, the best managers are here, incredible players, especially this rival we faced this season. It gives more credit to what we have done, we have to say thank you to Liverpool because they helped us to be even better than last season, Guardiola said.

He added: “We push each other so close. They did an incredible season, but we did a little bit better so that’s why we are champions”.

The Quality of the Trophy

Additionally, the intensity and quality  of the trophy race were highlighted by Manchester City requiring a 14th successive league victory to finish a point above Liverpool side, racing for first championship crown in 29 years as the top two finished with a recorded 195 points combined.

Back to Back Champions

Nevertheless, with fans streaming online as well as turning up at the Anfield Stadium, Manchester City became the first team since Manchester United in the 2007-08 seasons to retain the trophy. Equally, Guardiola, the Coach has now won eight league titles in his 10 seasons.

The Matches Final Points:

1. Man City, 98 pts

2. Liverpool, 97 pts

3. Chelsea, 72 points

4. Tottenham, 71 pts

5. Arsenal, 70 pts

6. Manchester United, 66 pts


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