Best Friend Went The Extra Mile To Make The Proposal Special And Now He’s Gone Viral

Behind every perfect proposal are your true friends who work hard to decorate the place, make the mood and take the pictures. Beautiful moments like capture below are not without the efforts by the main couple and everyone involved!

Charbe Bellama / Twitter

This the story of Charbel Abillama and his fiancé Kristina Hanna who wouldn’t have the beautiful proposal (and exposure) they had if it wasn’t for their man. Charbel has been planning a proposal for more than three months now. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Charbel talked about the big trouble they faced less than an hour before the proposal.

“Kristina is very difficult to surprise but I finally decided to do it outside a very famous hotel in Ottawa called Château Laurier. I set up a brunch for her and some of her friends and the plan were on their way back to the car they will walk by the huge set off stairs and that’s where I would be standing waiting.”

He had everything planned with his friend, Wael Monsour.

Charbe Bellama / Twitter
Charbe Bellama / Twitter

But as it turned out, a security ban was issued on making a surprise proposal within the premises.

This was what the proposal should have looked like, but they couldn’t have the proposal done there.

So the team had to improvise, adapt and overcome. Less than 20 minutes before the girls come out and he popped the question, they decided to insist on doing it right below the stairs. That leads to what you see in a viral video taken and uploaded by an Ottawa-based editor, Alison Mah.

“We were freaking out and scrambling and literally told security ‘Sorry but I’m not leaving, this has been planned for way too long,’ so we ended up doing it at the bottom, beside the stairs with about 50-60 people watching.” And initially, they didn’t plan to have him sitting in a corner, spitting petals every 2-3 seconds.

Charbe added, “The idea of having Wael throw the petals was legit all him, I wish I can describe the type of character he is. He totally free-styled it and told me five mins before the proposal ‘i’m going to hide in this corner and throw petals all over her.'”

“He’s also the type of guy that while she’s coming down the stairs yelled to me ‘What if she says no?’ Perfect confidence boost.”

The video was buzzing and made it to multiple news outlets, boosting the popularity of the post. Now, Wael is ready to become a dedicated friend that is also a petal thrower.

We all need him. Or at least, someone like him if we’re not from Ottawa or Canada.

And maybe get Charbe to throw the petals this time!

Shoutout to Wael!

The viral video of a happy couple and an enthusiastic friend has sent a lot of people smiling and praising them. The couple also commented about the sudden popularity to Buzzfeed.

“The responses online have been so overwhelming. It’s so nice for a change that a positive fun loving video can reach out to so many people and connect so many of us together.”

And Katrina can definitely assure people that they did a great job! She said, “We always talked about eventually getting married and I knew he would be popping the question soon but I just couldn’t believe at that moment he was there waiting at the end of the steps.”

Wael’s now so ready to adapt this new lifestyle and work on making every other proposal perfect.

“I still don’t know what’s happening or how it happened. It’s funny because I’ve always been an outgoing and goofy guy but never thought I’d go viral for throwing petals as a last-minute idea at my friend’s proposal,” Wael said.

“I like business and I’ve always worked a lot so why not take the opportunity when it presents itself? I like making people happy and being part of moments like this anyway and it’s a unique idea that people are seeming to love, so why not?” says one and only petal thrower in Canada.


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