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Black Mirror: Ashley O’s (Miley Cyrus) ‘On a Roll’ Music Video Is Out!


Black Mirror: Ashley O’s (Miley Cyrus) ‘On a Roll’ Music Video Is Out!

She’s Ashley O and here’s her new music video!

Black Mirror season 5 brings in some incredibly talented actors onto the screen and faced them with some twisted stories. In one of the episodes titled ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley too’, the character is shown to be overly obsessed with a robot doll who’s made after a popular idol pop, Ashley O (Miley Cyrus).

Miley Cyrus as Ashley O in her music video ‘On a Roll’ from Black Mirror season 5

Sure enough, we had some scenes showing Miley Cyrus dancing and singing in the movie. Fans have been asking for the music video to the song she sang in the episode to be released and finally, it’s here!

It’s like having Miley Cyrus release another single with a whole new concept in it!

We saw bits of the music video at the beginning of the episode as Rachel sits alone, drowning herself in her own world.

Black Mirror season 5 was finally up for streaming on June 5 with three new episodes to tell. There are also mini-episodes made available in limited regions called Little Black Mirror Episodes.

‘Striking Viper’ features Anthony Mackie who seems to be constantly out of it lately. It also teases fans of superhero universe with Manta’s actor cast in the episode as well.

‘Smithereens’ tells the story of an online taxi driver (Andrew Scott) who just can’t accept that technology has overrun the world. Netflix up their game by posting a whole hour video of Andrew Scott saying ‘Beep’. It’s seriously enlightening…

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