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Cloak And Dagger: What You Can Do After Endgame Ended The Way It Did


Cloak And Dagger: What You Can Do After Endgame Ended The Way It Did

The tragic Romeo and Juliet vibe of young teens might feed your depravity of Marvel movies.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known across the world thanks to their blockbuster movies that feature multiple superheroes fight against a strong supervillain. The latest franchise that ended Phase 3 of MCU had the whole team assembled one last time to fight against the biggest evil force by the Mad Titan.

And the movie ended not the way most of us wanted it to, but it’s the ending we needed for the movie. The biggest face of Marvel, Tony Stark the Iron Man died after killing off Thanos and his army, but that cost his life. Following his death, we also see Captain America getting zapped back into the past, but chooses to live his life normally and returns as an old man in the future.

Scarlett Johansson suffered the same end as Stark, falling to her death under her own collision to recover the Soul Stone.

Such a painful, but beautiful closure to the Infinity War leaves much of us in need of more. But it’s not after a few more months until Spider-Man: Far From Home premieres. But in case you are wondering, check out who is Mysterio in Spider-Man’s next big adventure.

And you might notice this (actually there is no way you don’t know this), that the MCU is also famous for their TV shows. Recently, one of them is running on its 2nd season.

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Cloak and Dagger can be streamed on Freeform, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

MCU picked up a new franchise and since last year, Cloak and Dagger can be streamed online on Hulu and they currently have 17 episodes (18th is up tomorrow!).

1. They are all connected

The MCU franchises do work in the same universe, but at the same time, they have their TV shows. So, you will mostly see only these two heroes throughout the show and you will want to know that the powers of these two come from Darkforce explosion in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This connection between shows are embraced and you will see characters between the two shows referencing to each other, although a crossover would be unlikely.

And then there’s the Roxxon Company.

The company is the culprit behind the Darkforce energy explosion and subsequently, the traumas that tortured our main protagonists, Tandy Bowen, and Tyrone Johnson. But only a few realize that this is the same company mentioned in Iron Man (and in actually many other franchise movies of Marvel).

But in this show, Roxxon is brought under the spotlight and is given a major role, making it a worthy Easter egg to mention.

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Cloak and Dagger. Credits: Hulu

2. It’s a tragic (or maybe not) story of two heroes of the opposite polar.

Cloak and Dagger are light and dark fated to be each other which also meant the death of one between them. The show calls them the ‘Divine Pairing’ and throughout the show, you will see how the two powerful protagonists find out who they are, what they can do and what they want to be.

Rather than focusing on the superhero aspect, the show focuses more on the origin of the heroes. Long-standing fans know that they are underrated and have appeared in multiple crossovers such as with Spider-Man and the X-Men.

The reason that it might be different from any comics regarding the two that you might have read (or want to read), the writers took the liberties to create something new out of them. The background situation of Cloak and Dagger is switched, so it’s going to be a fun ride guessing what’s going to happen!

3. It addresses heavy subjects as well

MCU is famous not just for their god-level CGI effects, but also the ability to insert plot twists and addressing prejudices as well as morally debatable subjects. The Cloak and Dagger show addresses various social issues such as discrimination, sexual assault, and giant corporation scandals.

Roxxon Corporation, for example, is not evil in its core; the company is very much willing to save or kill people so long as it bring materialistic benefits to the conglomerate entity.

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