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Coldhearted Owner Wants Weighty Retriever Be Put Down, Vet Find Him A New Home


Coldhearted Owner Wants Weighty Retriever Be Put Down, Vet Find Him A New Home

It takes Kai 20-30 minutes to climb a small staircase.

It’s never an easy task to look after pets after purchasing them. Taking care of their nutrition, visiting their clinic monthly, grooming and socializing them as well as making sure they feed well, has never signaled the journey of taking care of pets an easy one.

While some individuals find pleasure in doing all of this, it can, however, be overwhelming for some people. Rather than calling for assistance or perhaps try harder to look after their pets, some people decide to place their pets up for adoption or for even something worse than that.

And this exactly what happened to Kai – a friendly and adorable golden retriever who had put on a lot of weight while living with his owner. Kai’s owner reached a consensus that Kai was too much a trouble and planned to put him down.

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But instead, the Vet in charge, Misfits of Alberta Animal Rescue disagree to euthanize the doggy and find him a new home. Afterward, Kai found his new owner, Pam Heggie.

“I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes and his size is really shocking. The photos of him didn’t do justice to how big and how difficult it was for Kai to take a few steps.” Pam told Bored Panda after taking him home.

Interestingly, the canine weighed about 173 pounds before losing more than half. And due to his weight, it, however, takes Kai 20-30minutes to climb a small staircase, when entering Pam’s house.

“I don’t anything about his previous owner, and I honestly prefer it that way. I don’t find joy in shaming people so I’m not sure blaming someone else is the right word. I believe that as animal caretakers, our main goal is to assist animals to be healthy and we owe them that much.” Pam added.

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