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Dad Comes Up With Clever Grooming Hack Since His Dog Hates Getting Its Nails Clipped


Dad Comes Up With Clever Grooming Hack Since His Dog Hates Getting Its Nails Clipped

Would you ever have thought to buy a purse?

There are apparently many things most dogs hate doing. Going to the groomer is quite a headache and going to the Vet is really a major one for dogs.

As observed, getting a change of looks can be less disturbing when compared to be being checked by a vet. It’s become scary for dogs when they sight a shaver or a scissor getting close to their body. And one among the many worst part of the whole makeover experience for them is clipping their nails.

Kendal Peifer Dad, who truly knows how much his dog hate getting a nail clip did come up with a clever grooming hack. It involved using a purse and a chin-up bar and indeed it worked perfectly Kendal who had shared the trick online.

Early 2018, Kendal had tweeted two photos of her dad cutting the nails of their dog. And within 72hours of sharing the clever idea on Twitter, her post garnered over 209,000likes and about 50,000 retweets.

The post did get a positive reaction- most especially as it involved buying a purse and cutting holes in it to make a comfortable harness for the dog.

Would you ever have thought buying a purse will have solved your headache?

Pexels / Pixabay

Right after, he created the purse harness, Kendal dad placed the dog in it and happily cut his dog nail. Simple and Easy!!

Reacting, a woman said: “ HE GOT THE HEADLAMP TOO!!! Such a dad thing, omg dyin.”

Another wrote: “Your dad is a genius and must be protected at all costs.”

Wikimedia / Senior Airman Ashlee Galloway

While a third commentator said:  This is the best thing I’ve seen all day.”

Pixabay / Nature_Blossom

Other commentators claimed the trick won’t have worked on their dogs, but somehow they’d found a means to get out.

Do you think a dad would have ever imagined such grooming hack?

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