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Game of Thrones: Spikes in Google Searches for “Cancel HBO Subscription, Fans Upset

Particularly on Sunday 19 May, fans were upset over the Game of Thrones Season Episode 6 finale, most especially as the storyline left many unanswered question and had much loose ends.  Where did the dragon take Daenerys? What happened to dragon afterwards?

Why Bran Stark – The Iron Throne? Why would Jon Snow head back to where his journey from Season 1 started from, despite being an heir to the throne? Why, Why, Why has been the question tag online, demanding for a response. The show turned out disappointing and fans equally spotted mistakes in some scene, these led to fans wanting to cancel their HBO Subscription.

Can This Affect Other HBO’s Series?

With the spikes in Google searches for a cancel HBO’s Subscription, it can certainly affects other HBOs upcoming movies and series. Data from a Google trend posted that there was a high jump in the search for Cancel Subscription right after GOT S08E06 aired.

Here’s How To Cancel Your HBO Subscription

  • Head to HBO Now on your mobile device or web browser
  • Click the Setting Category –It is at the upper-right hand corner of your screen.
  • Click on “Billing Information”

Specifically, there are different ways to cancel and unsubscribe HBO’s services. If you subscribe directly on HBO, you can select the unsubscribe button and click on the Cancel Subscription menu and once it takes you to a new page, you toggle “Auto-Renew” to go off. On the other hand, if you subscribe through Roku, head to your account and cancel HBO Now, then click on an unsubscribe button.

Should i actually cancel HBO Subscription? What about other upcoming series aired on the platform? Am i ready to miss out? Are the questions to ask before clicking the off button.

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