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‘Godzilla: King of The Monsters’ Is A Mindless Brutal Thriller


‘Godzilla: King of The Monsters’ Is A Mindless Brutal Thriller

Spectacular, relentless and yet brutally unforgiving sums up this 2-hour fantasy thriller. The film’s thunderous soundtrack is nothing short of an assault on the eardrums but waits until you see Godzilla himself. A biggish lizard whose immense size has earned it the title; King of the Monsters.

The 2019 release is sort of a prequel to the 2014 film, Godzilla and going by history, nobody goes to see Godzilla: king of the monsters should not expect a massage of the ears.

Director and co-writer Michael Dougherty occasionally grant occasional breaks in the extravagant special effects and deafening noise to allow human characters speak and let viewers catch a general flow of the narrative.

Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) is a scientist based in China, working for the highly secretive monster-hunting coalition known as Monarch. Her ex-husband Mark (Kyle Chandler) is back at the US researching on wolves. They have a spirited teenage daughter called Madison (Millie Boby Brown)

Last time, Godzilla was on the good guys’ side, busy fighting off the mutos (massive unidentified terrestrial objects) but still bringing down skyscrapers by his massive tail- call it collateral damage.

This time around, humanity is facing an evil earwig the size of a battleship, and even larger and nastier monster with three heads and a ridiculously large number of teeth.

Brainy Emma has however developed a nifty sonar device that hacks into the creature’s communication channel turning them into gigantic pussy cats just by the turn of a kid. Inevitably, while the fate of humanity lies on Emma’s equipment, a human villain is determined to get his hands on the device.

Things take on a different twist when Emma and Madison happen to be kidnapped by the eco-terrorist who has his own plans for the device and humanity. In his twisted mind, the scoundrel is convinced that the only way to help humanity is by unleashing his own version of Armageddon and let the monsters slaughter and gobble up millions of people.  This will ultimately save the planet from destruction brought by the human populace.

The only hurdle to this masterplan is Mark Russell, while his bigger plan is finding his young daughter Madison, together with a team of other scientists, they manage to prevent human extinction and send the monster to slumber.

This is the 35th film produced by the Godzilla Franchise and judging by what unfolds here, we can only wonder what the producers and directors have in store for use in the 36th scheduled to be released sometime next year. It will be titled Godzilla v Kong.

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