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Guy Makes ‘Wheelchair’ To Stop Disabled Goldfish Swimming Upside Down


Guy Makes ‘Wheelchair’ To Stop Disabled Goldfish Swimming Upside Down

Goldfish are commonly affected by swim bladder disease.

In the world at large, there are several individuals who love to look after fluffy animals, but there are however few, who cares about the water-dwelling pets like the Goldfish. Yes! They can’t be cuddled, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not appreciated as well. For example, this 32-year old Fashion Designer, named Henry Kim has an unconditional love for goldfish.

From South Korea, Henry keeps about 20 of these Goldfish in separate aquariums in his home. The friendly being makes sure all the fishes are taken care of. And after losing a few to a disease, Henry decided to invent a Wheelchair to save the lives of his beloved fishes.

Goldfish is recognized to be commonly affected by a swim bladder disease.

“Swim bladder disorder can be caused by many reasons such as overeating or unclean waters. I normally find it in fish that have been imported to Korea from Thailand or China,” Henry explained.

The disorder interrupts the Goldfish ability to properly regulate the air that goes in and out of the swims bladder. As a result, the fish tend to swim using its side or upside down.

Here’s A Video of the Goldfish enjoying Henry’s Invention:

And Here’s Also How People Reacted:

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