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HBO’s Chernobyl Hands Down Band of Brothers, The Wire, & Game of Thrones With 9.7ratings, Season Finale airs June 3


HBO’s Chernobyl Hands Down Band of Brothers, The Wire, & Game of Thrones With 9.7ratings, Season Finale airs June 3

Highly endorsed, watch it at your free time.

The normal argument over the best TV Series of all time is one that could last till the end of recording time. With many votes being cast for HBO’s Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos and lot more, a new reality show, HBO Chernobyl is currently the chief on the series Leaderboard chart.

Currently the top-rated TV show on IMBD, HBO just seems to be quite lucky when it comes to producing the best for its views. Right after its Games of Throne final season received critics from viewers, the channel has finally captured the minds of its fans with its Chernobyl.

Airs June 3 on HBO

The series which largely centers on the disaster that occurred in Ukraine, is sitting atop every other series in the list of IMDb’s Top rated TV Shows, where it’s leading with a 9.7 ratings. While it had in total 52,000votes, viewers are already hooked on to it. Who want to catch up? Chernobyl’s finale airs June 3 on HBO.  As seen, Twitter is currently going gaga over the new reality show, most especially as they are applauding the series over the horrific impact of the 1986 nuclear disaster.

Crews, Producers, Fans Jubilating

That being said, the cast and crew of Chernobyl equally have some bragging rights over any other TV shows while HBO who had been of the critic upfront over its-just-concluded Game of Thrones boasts is confident of its four different series topping the IMDb’s chart. In the interim, band of brothers’ bequest will however go unblemished, without the returns of other follow-up seasons.

So far so good, Craig Mazin and his creative team have proven that their timeless effort into making Chernobyl a realistic, yet pulse pounding series of all time is not failure. HBO had however been advertising Chernobyl in the Middle of Game of Thrones Final Season – which was regarded as the best possible means of raising an awareness among its viewers.

Should Chernobyl expect a fall?

Now 9.7

Indeed, HBO’s Chernobyl might from its top ranking drop if it doesn’t reach a million points ahead of Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad- particularly, you can’t really rely on these ratings. Chernobyl is presently working with a smaller vote’s base as compared with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones which has 1.2million and 1.5million votes respectively. For now, the reality series is highly endorsed, watch it at your free time.

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