Game Of Thrones Prequel: Stars Shoots Upcoming Series in Belfast as Season Eight Finale Approaches

The awaited “Game of Thrones Prologue” which has a reported title ‘Bloodmoon’ is fully in progress – most especially as stars were said to have starting shooting the series in Belfast two weeks ago. The upcoming series is revealed to follow the story of the Children of the Forest and Naomi watts – a stellar cast was confirmed as the leading role in the series.

The Children of the Forest are regarded as otherworldly non-human races who actually are the original inhabitants of Westeros, George RR Martin reveals.

Naomi Watts Role

GOT Prequel

While it is a series that has been set for production years before the original HBO show, Naomi is required to play a charismatic socialite that is hiding a dark secret – What secret? The details have been kept hidden.  One thing to however, look out for – is that the Game of Thrones Prequel will definitely reveal secrets of the Westeros’s – linking them to the origin of the White Walkers.  

Season Eight Finale Approaches

However, the Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 6 which is set to finally conclude the long-watched epic and adventure movie would be aired on May 19.


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