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‘Oxymoron’ Internet Journalism: George R. R. Martin Firmly Denies Completion of A Song of Ice and Fire


‘Oxymoron’ Internet Journalism: George R. R. Martin Firmly Denies Completion of A Song of Ice and Fire

George denies McElhinney’s comments and confirms that both books are not yet completed.

Just less than a month ago, we heard rumors that A Song of Ice and Fire had the last two volumes completed by George R. R. Martin who began the series in 1996. This rumor was started by Ian McElhinney during the Epic Con in April where he heard that a deal with David and Dan was the only thing that kept him from publishing the last two volumes.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about the books or the author and he was going to let this pass by. Previously, he also stated that while the writing has gone well, “It will be done when it’s done.”

George R. R. Martin gave an official statement in his personal blog regarding this issue and started it with:

“Internet journalism is an oxymoron.”

George R. R. Martin

Martin firmly denies the rumors and is still in the middle of writing the sixth volume. He hasn’t even started on the seventh and last volume, “A Dream of Spring” and liken the fact that he has to explain this as if stating that world is round and that water is wet.

The only reason that this might bring hope to fans of the Game of Thrones is because the latest episode had not been amazing in delivering the story. There have been several things in the show that went astray from the books, so there was a possibility that the show might just have a different ending written. And that, in itself, is already a bad idea, but okay.

The original author to the A Song of Ice and Fire series has long known to take his time in writing the masterpiece. While the second volume to the series took two years to publish, the fifth volume was 6 years apart from the fourth volume. And so far, it’s been 8 years since the fifth book has been published.

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