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Huawei’s Products Still Sold In The U.S Despite Executive Order

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Huawei’s Products Still Sold In The U.S Despite Executive Order

U.S ban keeps doing more harm than good.

Evidently, the United States Executive Order is really giving the Chinese Company a harder time, and in many parts of the world now, Huawei’s product and devices are shrinking.  Usually sold through carriers, available in stores as well as online, the list of Huawei’s retailers that stocks it products has stopped selling, mainly as a result of U.S recent action against Huawei.

Walmart, Microsoft Store, and Adorama have recently delisted Huawei from showing up via their online store. More retailers are envisaged will follow suits, although either by completely wiping or hiding store pages for Huawei’s phones, laptops, and tablets. However, despite all these shakes, there are still few U.S stores you can find Huawei’s product.

Being a Huawei hard-fan is great, but currently, you will need to keep an eye for every warranty information when you shop, this is however because many Huawei phones sold in the U.S are imported. Largely dependent on third-party services that give a warranty, there might eventually not be a simple recourse or even a recourse at all when it breaks or has a fault – this is associated with the ongoing crisis – hence be on the edge!

The Very Few Available Spot


Amazon is still offering several Huawei devices, ranging from the affordable ones that include Honor 8X sold for $209 and Huawei Mate SE and Huawei P30 which is currently selling for $219.99 and $574 respectively.  Although Amazon is not offering buyers a warranty for every Huawei product purchased, a company is known as Asurion provides you with such service. The condition of Asurion states it can replace phones enrolled in a protection plan. Nevertheless, when buying any device, if a provider’s conditions don’t meet with what you expect, kindly scroll through to pick another one that meets your expectations.

NYC –Retailer, B&H Photo

Still selling Huawei phones, tablets, laptops and more focused on Huawei’s P30 collections, the B&H Photo offers an optional warranty through SquareTrade – a third party. The warranty service company has assured it will stand by users using Huawei’s products and promised to replace broken phones with a device that has equal features from the likes of LG, and Samsung among others. So if you still want Huawei’s product, SquareTrade is solely behind you.


eBay is one of the platforms on the internet that sells practically anything. Hence it is not surprising to discover that the site still has in stock Huawei’s products for interested buyers.  Every Huawei’s phone that has been made is still very much glaring on the eBay website.  Interestingly, SquareTrade is also a warranty service. You have the option to add a warranty from the company. As earlier mentioned, should your device break or develop a fault, SquareTrade is available to give it a quick fix.

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