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Inflatable Shower Curtain Kicks Out Users After 4 Minutes To Save Water


Inflatable Shower Curtain Kicks Out Users After 4 Minutes To Save Water

Not available as a commercial product.

With the trending development on Climate Change and its impact on the environment, many of us feel compelled to make sure the environment is kept as safe as possible.

While some energy saving strategies introduced are awesome and easy, reducing the effect of Climate change ranges from expensive to a degree of sacrifice. As an individual who care much for the physical environment, an artist invention of an inflatable shower curtain has gone viral. 

Elizabeth Buecher

Invented by Elizabeth Buecher, the inflatable shower curtain sprouts up spikes if the shower its guarding takes longer than 4 minutes. And since desperate time deserves desperate measures, Buecher had submitted this as part of a series called ‘My Shower is a Green Warrior’.

Elizabeth Buecher

Normally, when we take a shower, we get lost in the raining drops of water draining on us. Well not for this inflatable shower curtain – Getting too comfortable for too long while the spiky is in action can allow your vibrating performance as well as your warmth-relaxing-situation end in Just 4 minutes.

Elizabeth Buecher

Of course, the spike doesn’t hurt anyone that goes beyond the four minutes time limit – so don’t freak out yet, it’s only helping you save water.


Interestingly, the curtains know how to expand – thanks to a sensor in the tap, but still unclear if it resets by itself once a shower is over.

Elizabeth Buecher

Wondering while there’s no information on where to get it.  


Well, the inflatable shower curtain is not available as a commercial product yet. The inventor had told HuffPost that she’d love to make it into one, but that won’t be for a while.


Currently, it is an art installation for museums, public and private collections.

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