Brazilian Artist Uses Old Tires To Create Comfy Beds For Pets

A Brazilian artist has carved a niche out recycling old tires found in dumpsters. For the past year and a half, Amarildo Silva has used his craftsmanship to turn old tires into comfy for beds for animals.

Amarildo draws his inspiration from his experiences while walking around the streets in his home town. He came up with the idea when he realized that old tires were being used as a refuge by the dogs that live in the streets, and thought of giving them the feeling of home and make it more comfortable for animals.

Amarildo wasn’t just content with providing the pets a safer place to hide in. He used his skills to carve and decorate the tires turning the once piece of junk into comfortable beddings for the pets.

His amazing artwork has amazed many pet owners in Brazil. He now gets offers from owners who want custom-made homes for their pets. After crafting them, he goes ahead to print the name of the pet on the crib to add a more personal touch.

While most of his works are pet houses crafted out of old tires, Amarildo has also worked on other things that people consider garbage; using his skills to turn them into amazing craft-work.

By creating something new out of garbage, he not only contributed to environmental conservation but also earned a few extra dollars in the process.

The artist collects the old tires that he finds on the streets, takes them home and puts all the stuff in his backyard. He has dedicated one of his rooms as a storage for the tires.

After separating the tires, he cuts, washes and paints them. He loves to draw a unique design for each tire and write the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong to.

The artist has joined two of his greatest passions: crafts and helping animals. He hopes that his project will contribute to environmental sustainability as well as inspire others to come up with better innovations that have a positive socio-environmental impact

Sammy Brown

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