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Lego Goes Green As It Releases Its First Sustainable Collection Made of ‘Plant-based Plastic’

The world is finally coming to terms with the plastic menace. We have realized that it is a terrible thing for all life calling planet earth home. While environmentalists continue to fight plastic pollution, the war is far from ending unless major corporations make a move against plastic. Afterall, it is their corporate responsibility to take care of the environment in any way possible.

One of the major corporates, LEGO has rolled out a programme that aims to replace the harmful plastics we used to play with plant-based products. While, we enjoyed the LEGO phse of our childhood, beaing engineers in our own fantasy world and building all sorts of stuff imaginable, we didn’t know how much harmful plastic would turn out to be, except that it was cheap.

With the changing tide, and organizations pushing for more envirionmentally conscious products, LEGO is joining the movement. Back in March last year, the toy company claimed that it will start using plant based products in place of human based plastic. Previously, it used to use standard oil-based plastics is now changing infavor of derivative sugarcane plants. The new lego bricks will be made using a new kind of polyethylene plastic made using ethanol produced from sugarcane. This new method has been certified and prodcusts are consoderedd safe by the Bonsucro chain fo custody standard.

The designers have intergrated principles of botany and a lot of knowledge gatherd from the years used in making the product to make it safe for children. It has a similar consistency of plastic with an added advantage of being environmentally friendly. This revolutionary method will inspire future generations to come up with environmentally sustainable products and even show other companies that it is possible to go green.

Tim Books, LEGO CEO said that the company wanted to make a psotive effect and it is slowly moving towards that route.

But this is not LEGO’s first attempt at going the green route. The company has been trying to counter pollution for some time now. The ompany had previously announced that it had successfully achived its mission of getting all its energy from renewable sources. The best part is they had achieved the feat three yeara before its scheduled time. The brand has also partneed with World Wildlife Fund for Nature so as to fight against climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

The sustainable bioplastic goals were achieved when the company joined hands with Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance to come up with the revolutionary product. According to LEGO, the new items made from plant based materials look like brushes, leaves and trees but that’s just the beginning. The company hopes to incorporate the sustainable materials in its production by the year 2030.


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