Man Asks Chewy For Refund On Dog Food After His Beloved Dog Passes Away, Gets An Oil Painting With A Message

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy. It can be quite challenging as it is more like losing a person. The memory and grief of such loss last for months and sometimes years. Remarkably, there are however still individuals who care and support one when things eventually get rough.

It might naturally not comes from family and friends, but from places and people, you least expect. Just recently,  Joseph Inabnet has shared his unexpected sympathy message he received via a local pet store right after losing his beloved dog – Bailey.

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Since Bailey passed away, Joseph decided to return the un-opened bag of dog food to pet store Chewy and the response he got was rather unconventional.

He was told to donate the food and issued him a refund. While he was shocked, he was still wondering what he will hear next.

And couples of days later, he received another surprise from the same store – a card and an oil painting of his dog.

The company indeed wants Joseph to have a beautiful, memorable of his beloved dog.

In response, Joseph made a post on Facebook in hope that it will go viral and that chewy will receive the recognition they deserve. And indeed they responded. Check the picture below:

Here’s how Facebook User reacted to Joseph’s Post:

Shepherd Morgan

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