Artist Whose Painting Was Mistaken For A Van Gogh Illustrates Lovable “Starry Night” Dog Series

Aja Trier has cleverly been painting using the Van Gogh’s twirling Starry Night Style. And now as she continues to explore the amazing world of famous art for inspirations, Trier is using her insights and gained knowledge to re-imagine more and more pups.











Particularly, her Starry Night series visions a world in which beloved four-legged friends sat for Van Gogh. Very much like her previous art, each of these portraits witnesses the familiar Starry Night sky rendered in the thick brush line features of Post – Impressionism. While still clearly displaying sparkling stars and clouds, she often also adds a bit of her won interesting colors.











Far back as 2003, Trier has been a professional full time artist and has started her business Sagittarius that same year. She attended an art college – Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA with a focus in painting.

Her love for Vincent Van Gogh has however even started before 2003. “We had a lot of art books in the house when I was young, so I am sure the first time I saw a van Gogh was through them. The first time I saw one in person was on a college trip to NYC in 2001. The energy and flow of his works is what resonates with me,” Trier acknowledged.











“These paintings take forever to dry. The thick strokes – I love being able to see the artist’s fingerprint in the art through their mark making. You can almost follow with your eyes the movements their hand made,” She added.

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