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Man Was Taking a Nap Outside When a Stray Kitten Decided to Take One On His Stomach As Well


Man Was Taking a Nap Outside When a Stray Kitten Decided to Take One On His Stomach As Well

Are you wondering why do people love their cats so much even though cats can be such an ass? They can scratch on your furniture, decides to push things off the kitchen counter and sit on your laptop whenever they feel like. u/A_H_S posted on Reddit how he met his first pet and it was the cutest thing ever.

The dude was just having a nice nap outside his house in Canberra, Australia when a stray kitty decided to sleep on his stomach. When he woke up, the kitty was already sleeping there peacefully. It looked a little rugged but was fine otherwise and the guy just sat there waiting for the cat to wake up.

Image credits: u/A_H_S

Still half-awake, Ali Safa thought it was a rat but soon realized it was a kitty. Although he was unsure if the kitty had flea, he decided to let it continue having its nap. “…if
she did I probably already got it, so whatever.”

Image credits: u/A_H_S

And so, the next question would be DID HE KEEP THE CAT?

Yes, we know you are all curious, so here’s what happened.

Image credits: u/A_H_S

So, yeah! He took the kitty home and scoop the cuddly feline into his hands to be washed. After a vet visit, Ali is ready to become a cat father.

Ali went on commenting further that he is a loner, so meeting a friend like this excites him. He was so happy, he decided to upload this video at r/aww of his very first pet!

And the name of this cute little girl? Angel.

People love the fact that he decided to adopt the lil bean.

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