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Most Popular Baby Names In 2019 Includes 80s Comeback


Most Popular Baby Names In 2019 Includes 80s Comeback

BabyCentre has announced their founding.

Names that parents give to their children usually contain prayers and good wishes for them to grow up strong, successful and happy. At least, back when TV shows weren’t part of our lives, that was what naming was all about.

While names never define what you will be in the future, names are truly important in identifying who you are in a society. Well, it all sounds cool until you find out that there are 4 other Sophias in your classroom

Credit: Daisy Laparra/Pexels

BabyCentre analyzed the names of babies that have been registered over the last six months to figure out the most popular names that have been used. And unsurprisingly, more names are rising to fame, inspired by Netflix shows, ‘Game of Thrones’ and even political figures.

For the past two years, Olivia and Sophia are ranked the highest and they remain the same this year. The 3rd rank is taken by Lily from Amelia but the most impressive jump in girl’s name would be Freya which rose as high up as 15 places, entering the top 10 for the first time.

Credit: Rene Asmussen/Pexels

Meanwhile, we see Muhammad remains on top of the list of boys’ names and while Oliver is still in top 10, it has dropped from the 2nd to the 4h place. Noah and George gain a place each in the top 10 as well.

What’s interesting is that we are seeing more parents using names that come from the 80s: Jason, John, Hannah, etc.

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Another parent chose to name their daughter Blair Margaret, a rather political-influenced choice of name. And you might be able to guess the next thing people are being entranced by this year: ‘Game of Thrones’.

Tyrion, Theon, Arya, and Cersei are gaining popularity, popping up every so often in the registry. Along with the concluded fantasy TV show is ‘Love Island”s characters such as Amber, Kady, and Nathan.

And here are girls’ names that got to the top 20 places:

  1. Olivia
  2. Sophia
  3. Lily
  4. Ava
  5. Mia
  6. Isla
  7. Amelia
  8. Freya
  9. Isabella
  10. Emily
  11. Aria
  12. Evie
  13. Grace
  14. Isabelle
  15. Ella
  16. Ivy
  17. Sophie
  18. Willow
  19. Charlotte
  20. Elsie

And here the boys’:

  1. Muhammad
  2. Noah
  3. George
  4. Oliver
  5. Charlie
  6. Harry
  7. Leo
  8. Arthur
  9. Jack
  10. Freddie
  11. Jaxon
  12. Ethan
  13. Jacob
  14. Theo
  15. Oscar
  16. Alfie
  17. Henry
  18. Archie
  19. Joshua
  20. Thomas

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