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Mother, 30, Who’s Younger Than Her Husband’s Children Insist Their Marriage Is ‘All About Love’


Mother, 30, Who’s Younger Than Her Husband’s Children Insist Their Marriage Is ‘All About Love’

Most people were supportive of their relationship.

Amy Mappes was 22 years old when she first met her now-husband, Bryan Mappes. Amy lived in Calgary, Canada and had three kids; Terry, Rebeccah, and Savannah. Bryan, who is a weapons safety manager in Minot, North Dakota also had kids of his own, but he was 47 years old.

Yes, the two people met online and got married despite their age gap and having children of their own.

They first met from playing the same game and joining the same group on Facebook as reported on DailyMail. Bryan started chatting with Amy six months after joining the group and quickly became close friends with Amy.

Back then, Bryan just got out of his unhappy marriage and Amy was focusing on raising her three kids after getting out of a bad relationship. It was easy for them to relate to each other due to similar circumstances. Amy said, “What first attracted me to him is just how overly caring he was for someone who was so far away from me.”

Amy: “I trusted him right from the start.”

For the next three years, the two frequently chatted and video called until Bryan decided to go north to meet her in person. That was after Bryan divorced his wife in 2014 and Amy also called that time as her worst times in life.

Amy recalled the time when she was about to meet Bryan in the flesh for the first time, “Meeting him for the first time, I was almost sick to my stomach but very excited at the same time.”

She was obviously worried that it wouldn’t be a relationship that lasts long. The age gap issue is real since they look more like father and daughter. But that worry proved to be unfounded.

“He then asked me to marry him and move to the US,” Amy added.

Amy’s family was ‘surprisingly’ accepting to the relationship and her children are calling Bryan ‘dad’. Amy talked about how her parents reacted, “I was most surprised by my dad, who is five years younger than my husband.

“He never questioned me, never had anything bad to say. He never even asked me why; he was just happy for me from the start and they actually became pretty good friends.

“My mother, on the other hand, was a little more skeptical at first, wondering why a man that age would want anything to do with someone so young. But she eventually came around after meeting him a few times, most of my friend was also very accepting.”

Most issues they face as a couple was never as major as when she had to face Bryan’s kids’ rejection.

“The only big issue we had with our marriage was the fact his children weren’t really accepting,” said Amy. She also did give Bryan the chance to leave her and choose his kids, but since they’re ‘adults’ they will just have to deal with it and ‘how they act’ is not of his concern.

Now 30, Amy and his husband, 55, are still living a happy married life.

“My marriage and what we have together is all about love. It is the exact same as any other relationship out there.”

Well, all that’s well ends well!

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