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Multi-Award Photographer Brought Magic Into Her Children’s Lives As She Captures Wondrous Moments Of Them


Multi-Award Photographer Brought Magic Into Her Children’s Lives As She Captures Wondrous Moments Of Them

Iwona Podlasińska did not imagine that pictures of her sons were going to make it to Top 25 on Flickr. Nor was she someone who thought that she would be teaching child photography until a few years ago. Iwona has always had that creative streak in her blood as she works as an architect for her main job.

Iwona is blessed with two handsome sons who were the drives that pushed her to explore photography further. At every given chance, she would snap a lot of pictures of these two small stars and turn them into dreamy fairy tales.

Iwona defines her work as somewhat between reality and dream. She was right to say that because her works involve her children doing what seems to be so innocent and magical. And it was incredible to see how she doesn’t actually ask her children to pose for the camera.

She always carries her camera everywhere and her pictures are always spontaneous. Because that’s how children are: they are always full of surprises!

Iwona began to explore the world of child photography when her second son reaches 4 months old. She took her camera to snap those precious moments and gave them a few magical touches. Then she joined Flickr in 2014 and uploaded her pictures there without the intention of garnering followers or faves. She joined the community and would often share about photography with other members.

A year later, one of her picture that features a boy with geese titled ‘gooseherd’ made to top 25 posts. That just tells how much people love her works that often feature kids with dreams and adventure.


Iwona continues to faze people with her spontaneous shots that she takes on evenings and weekends. During her first few years, she still keeps architecture as her main job, but lately, she has been taking up the challenge as a teacher. People are always asking her how she produced her masterpiece.

In one of her videos, she explains how she takes her pictures, “I chase my kids with the camera.”

Even now, she rarely takes up offers for photo sessions mainly because she doesn’t like to be pressured to take a picture on the spot. She likes to let everything flow naturally and not be pushed to tell the kids to pose.

And here’s a bonus! A VFX artist uses her pictures and create a stunning video that just chills you to the bone.

Since 2016, she has been holding workshops across the world. She has been traveling to 10 European countries and 2 other continents, US and Asia. She won many international contests and was awarded as the most popular photographer on Flickr in 2017.

And now, Iwona Podlasińska can be found on InstagramFlickr500px, and Facebook. Follow her on these platforms and stay tuned for her newest children’s magical adventure!

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