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Musical ‘Cats’ Official Trailer Has Dropped And People Are Having Nightmares


Musical ‘Cats’ Official Trailer Has Dropped And People Are Having Nightmares

I love cats, just not like this.

This is why furry felines should remain as fully furry felines with four legs. Instead, Universal Pictures dropped a warning of what’s to come this Christmas – humanoid cats in a musical movie, which arguably has some of the best cast.

Okay, so the announcement of the live-action of the critically acclaimed musical ‘Cats’ was greeted with skeptic/positive feedback. Live-actions so far have bragged amazing CGI effect (look at ‘The Lion King’) except for few (Sonic, if you’ve been there). But it seems the trailer has made it conclusive for some to avoid the worst Christmas nightmare, yet.

The CGI was spot-on if this was a horror musical. Unfortunately, it wasn’t and they really should have put that genre. Currently, the video on YouTube has 670k views, 19k likes, and 20k dislikes. People have been commenting on the movie on how this is the horror of the year and that furries should just remain as real furries next time.

Maybe I should start liking dogs now?

Can’t blame the dude,

Agreed with the first half, laughed the second half.

‘It: Chapter 2’ was frightening, but this…

About 2,7k people had the same reaction as her. Count me in.

You know what, it might actually be is one.

And a few more others who can’t take it.

Don’t forget this!

But, yeah, really. Next time, they should make sure to make either real cats or obviously human in costumes. Not a blend in of cat and humans.

The cast of the movie is amazing as they starred some of the best singers and celebrities we are familiar with – James Corden, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Derulo, and some other good actors and actresses to boot like Ian McKellen. Great acts, great music, horrifying CGI.

Cats are also amazing animals with a considerable amount of people who love to stream videos of them, own them and spend millions on caring for their pet cats. There is even an exploration-theme video game where you get to become a cat. No, not a humanoid, but a real actual cat who stands on all four and fur on its whole body.

Maybe we should take a blindfold to the theater and treat this as a dramatic recording. Save ourselves from some nightmares.

Making you feel better after all these horrifying experiences with this chubby orange cat.

Billy from Fat Orange Cat Brew Co. Picture by Katia Porter.

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