My Dad Still Mows My Mom’s Garden Even Though They’ve Been Divorced For 28 Years

Here’s why my dad keeps mowing my mom’s lawn even though they have divorced for 28 years.

Truthfully, my mom developed bad knees and my stepdad works outside of town. And when my younger sibling asked ‘Why is your dad mowing mom’s lawn” “I simply replied it because she needed help and because he understood that she couldn’t get out to do it, so decided to help.”

Obviously, it’s co-parenting

This is, however, how fortunate I am to have four parents who respect each other. They know that at the end of the day, the one thing that matter is, displaying to your children how to treat people and how to appreciate and bond with family, irrespective of how it came together.

My dad is with me in Texas on a Vacation. He doesn’t even live where my mum lives.

Not only did my dad do things selflessly for my mum, he did it for her while he was even on his vacation and he wants everyone to know, ‘I’m not a saint.”

He just wanted to inform others that they don’t need to act like a pastor on Lent but choose kindness whenever they can.

He acknowledged he’s not doing this for recognition.

Revealed my mom and him agreed when they were going through their divorce that they both choose to be adults and respect each other no matter how their marriage ended. 

I’m however fortunate to have an amazing parent.

They had both loved each other and the then love counts for something. Accordingly, if they agreed if they were going to raise their own children, they also needed to be kind people as well.

Shepherd Morgan

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