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Netflix Reveals Black Mirror Season 5 Teasers

You know how trailers nowadays just seem to give out everything? Don’t get me started with the official Instagram account of Avengers: Endgame that couldn’t stop posting spoilers day after day and proceeds to put #DontSpoilEndgame hashtags.

That’s the special thing about Black Mirror.

Their teasers never really reveal what the stories are going to be. One thing we can be sure of: they will always dive deep into the impact of advanced technology has on our near-future civilization. Full episodes out on June 5 on Netflix.

Netflix just posted teasers of three new episodes for Black Mirror Season 5. Check them out!

Striking Vipers

Anthony Mackie and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II star in this episode, teasing what feels like the showdown between Marvel and DC Comics. But no superpowers here; we see Anthony living his happy life as a husband and father.

Yet, despite all the happiness around him, Anthony’s character seems to be… dismissive. There’s ‘something going on‘.

The Smithereens

Two stars? Excuse me? I’d give him five stars because he made this show possible. Anyways, the second teaser shows an online taxi driver who seems to be going out of his mind. Sounds classic, but not when technology backs up his actions.

But he does have a valid point in screaming out the most worrying circumstance that is visible every day.

“People are so hooked up on the things.”

Rachel, Jack, And Ashley Too

Did you guys now that even if you are single in Japan, you can buy a caring AI robot that will make you feel loved? Yeah, this episode shows Miley Cyrus who is a star named Ashley. She introduces the public an AI robot named “Ashley Too”.

Let’s start with the fact that the robot does not sound robot at all, if that makes sense. Maybe because this is the future, but Ashley Too sounds completely like Ashley. What seems like a nice AI robot to satisfy fans turn into a scary robot that hates having its ass plugged in.

So, there you go. Black Mirror Season 5 is out June 5, 2019 on Netflix.

Hadley Stewart

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